Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

Although this site does not collect information from children for any reason, we want to post the following:

Effective April 2000 Certain Web Sites Must Obtain Parental Consent before Collecting Personal Information from Children

This law has been declared unconstutitional in the courts, but We at feel it is a good practice.

A Web site operator must post a clear and prominent link to a notice of its information practices on its home page and at each area where personal information is collected from children. The notice must state the name and contact information of all operators, the types of personal information collected from children, how such personal information is used, and whether personal information is disclosed to third parties.

This web site does not collect any information from children, if any information is inadvertently received in any way, it is not used, except that they may mistakenly be placed on our email newsletter.. If such action does happen, the parent or guardian may Email me and I will insure they are removed. The names and email addresses on our list for the newsletter is not given to any other party and not used for any other reason.

The notice also must state that the operator is prohibited from conditioning a child's participation in an activity on the child's disclosing more personal information than is reasonably necessary. In addition, the notice must state that the parent can review and have deleted the child's personal information, and refuse to permit further collection or use of the child's information.

There is no place/activity on this site that requires a name and/or address to participate.