FOR 2008

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  • Wunderground Weather/Tropical
  • AccuWeather Tropical
  • US Navy Cyclone Page
  • National Wea Service/Atlantic Cyclone activity
  • Golden Triangle Weather
  • FSU storm Computer Models
  • LSU offshore Observations --
    Note: select a site & Meteorological Observations

    Note: These are weather links I use when serious weather is in the making. I use the WunderGround page to quickly get the hurricane "computer models" for each named storm. I use AccuWeather to get another perspective from an independent commercial company. The US Navy Cyclone page gives still again another perspective on predictions. The NOAA cyclone/tropical page gives the official government predictions. The Golden Triangle Weather page is done by a guy in Texas and he has tons of data all on one page, just scroll down until you see something of interest. The FSU page gives you a composit of computer models. On the LSU offshore page, oil industry platforms and NOAA bouys offshore data can be accessed. It is a bit difficult to navigate, first select a station. On the popup, click on the top line, load another page, then select Meteorological Observations to get current data. [email protected]